Let me start by saying I was pleasantly surprised by this album. I had seen Grace’s performance on Live with Kelly and Michael of You Don’t Own Me, but it didn’t do her any justice. Grace’s debut album FMA is pretty dope. If you’ve never heard of her, believe me when I say the first track will grab your attention.

The album takes you on a flavorful journey of different rhythms that makes you move without noticing that your body is even moving. The beats are infectious and her voice is an added instrument to them. Her voice is soft, yet packs a powerful punch with lyrics and style. Grace has the soul sound of Amy Winehouse and Adele mixed together. She has some sad songs that are Adele-esque, but with the sass and soulfulness of a young Amy Winehouse. The 19 year old Australian singer is off to a good start with her debut album.

Be sure to check out Grace’s LP FMA; if you don’t, you’re playing yourself. The album is available on iTunes, Tidal, and Spotify.


FMA by GRACE; photo credit: Spotify

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