Sir the Baptist recently gave a passionate performance at the Made In America Festival in Philly on Labor Day weekend. Sir is bringing nothing but positive vibes when it comes to his music. Sir brings a very powerful and infectious energy to his performance, and he made sure that everyone who was there got a great show. Sir likes to deliver messages of hope and good vibes with subtle spiritual undertones to uplift spirits.

It’s a nice change, especially with all the chaos that has been happening all over the world. Sir has released a few singles and I can’t wait till he releases his debut album. Check out his singles What We Got, Raise Hell, Wake Up, and Creflo Almighty Dollar. The latest single, What We Got, from Sir the Baptist is about being thankful with what you have and the people in your life with a flare that only Sir could bring. If the singles Sir has released so far are any indication of what his debut album will sound like, it will be pure dopeness.

Check out Sir the Baptist and be on the lookout for more music; if you don’t, you’re playing yourself. His music is available on Tidal, iTunes, and Spotify.

WHAT WE GOT by SIR THE BAPTIST; photo credit: Sir the Baptist Official site

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