Usher has released his new album Hard II Love, which was exclusively made available on Tidal September 12 and, then, became available on iTunes September 16. The album is real chill and gives good vibes throughout. It’s the type of album you can let ride and not even notice it has started all over. The album is so smooth, it almost feels like a you’re sitting in on a jam session that ended up as an entire album. At times, it gives some Confessions type of feels and is just as smooth. The new direction that Usher seems headed in, feels like the right move for him. He has stepped out and done different things on this album with features you wouldn’t expect, such as Future, Priyanka Chopra and Young Thug.

Some standout tracks are Missin U, No Limit, Downtime, and Rivals. Hard II Love is available on Tidal, iTunes, and Spotify. Be sure to check it out; if not, you’re playing yourself.

Photo: Twitter

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