I wanted highlight a track I got to check out a while back when watching The Graham Norton Show and it immediately caught my attention. Birdy performed her track Wild Horses from her album Beautiful Lies. It is such a strong song with a chorus that says:

“I will survive and be the one who’s stronger
I will not beg you to stay
I will move on and you should know I mean it
Wild horses run in me”

After watching Birdy’s performance, I had to go and listen to more because I was embarrassed I didn’t know who she was prior. Of course, I wasn’t disappointed by the rest of the album. I dig the flow and pace of the album. Her voice is almost like the sweet whispers when the wind blows on a hot summer day. It’s soft, yet strong enough to make an impact. Check out the performance that caught my attention:

Be sure to check out Birdy’s album Beautiful Lies; if you don’t, you’re playing yourself. The album is available on Tidal, iTunes, and Spotify.


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