Emily King released her album The Switch back in June and evokes a timeless feel. The vibe of this album reminds me of Prince, and there is a comfort in that sound. Emily has been able to stay true to the artist that she is, without crumbling to the pressures of the industry. It’s always refreshing to hear the purity in an artists’ work and that is exactly what you get when listening to Emily. The sound of the album gives the illusion of being stripped down and every so slightly kisses the feel of sitting in on a live Emily King jam session. It’s not overly produced so the artistry doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

My favorite tracks are Distance, Already There, and Out of the Clouds. If you don’t already have it, go get Emily King’s album The Switch cause if you don’t, you’re playing yourself. The Switch is available on iTunes, Tidal, and Spotify. Check out the video for BYIMM below:


Photo: Emilykingmusic.com

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