James Blake released his latest album back in May of this year and has started his tour for the album. Some people may know him as the guy featured on Beyoncé’s 2016 surprise album, Lemonade (he’s on the song Forward). But James stands alone with his soulful, haunting, and unique sound. The album almost sounds like one continuous song and flows seamlessly. There is a calmness that the album has, and some nice catchy rhythmic sections that make you move without even noticing you’re moving. There is a slow and steady build throughout the album. James brings you along with him through on a journey of self discovery. It’s a long deep, abstract journey of life and love that makes you reflect.

Some songs don’t have the typical song structure, which makes the songs interesting and different from anything else you may listen to. James isn’t confined by the standards and he flexes his talents by showing that in songs like Choose Me, I Need A Forest Fire, and Meet You In The Maze.

My favorite tracks are My Willing Heart, Noise Above Our Heads, and The Colour In Anything. I like them for different reasons, but I will say that The Colour In Anything track tugged at my heartstrings. It carries a very deep emotion that can be interpreted in many  ways, but the emotion of the track cannot be denied. Be sure to check out James Blake’s album The Colour In Anything; if you don’t, you’re playing yourself. The album is available on iTunes, Tidal, and Spotify.

James is currently on tour. You can check the available dates by visiting jamesblakemusic.com for more info.


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