If you haven’t already taken a seat at this table, well you are definitely in for a treat and should hurry up and grab a seat. Solange takes her listeners on a beautiful journey and daily feels of black people. I’m already very familiar with the greatness that is Solange, but this album another classic to add to my list of albums that have reignited my passion for music this year. Some people may know her as Beyoncé’s sister, but she is so much more than that and this album proves that. Her greatness cannot be stopped. A Seat at the Table was entirely written by Solange and co-produced by her as well, with the help of some of the industry’s finest, Q-tip, Raphael Saadiq, and Questlove.

The story of black people overcoming and basically turning our proverbial lemons into lemonade. Every thought and lyric rings true for so many black people in today’s world of racial tension. I not only consider this album to be a classic for her bravery to voice her opinion and not shy away from the topics so many choose to ignore, but this album is also a history lesson that explains the emotions of being black in today’s world. The interludes on the album beautifully illustrate the feeling of pride and having to constantly prove and strive for better. This album celebrates black culture and all its glory to the fullest and gives you the confidence to embrace your beauty and strength that comes with being black. From the infectious beat in Weary with powerful lyrics like:

“I’m weary of the ways of the world,
be weary of the ways of the world…
be leery bout your place in the world,
you’re feeling like your chasing the world,
you’re leaving not a trace in the world but you’re facing the world”

She also gives permission to be upset, but also encourages the healing that comes from the anger. Another standout song Mad is interluded with a brief story from her father about the pain and anger he had from the racist experience of being black during a time of segregation and racial tension in America back when he was growing up.

She gives black people the confidence, strength, and pride to shed the shame of being pro-black, and to no longer shy away from who we are and what we feel we stand for. There is a point in the song F.U.B.U. where Solange addresses those who may feel left out while also standing firm in their truth and love for black culture with lyrics like:

“Don’t feel bad if you can’t sing along
Just be glad you got the whole world
This us
This sh*t is from us
Some shit you can’t touch”

The album as a whole is pure dopeness, so I highly recommend checking it out. At the moment, my top picks from the album are Weary, Cranes in the Sky, Where Do We Go, F.U.B.U., and Don’t Wish Me Well. The album is nothing short of good vibes and it gives me some smooth Minnie Riperton vibes.

Featured on the album dropping musical gems are Master P, Tweet, Lil Wayne, The Dream, and Kelela. I want to take moment to give props to Solange for linking up with Master P because he is the definition of self-made and I’m glad he got to drop knowledge on people, and give a little insight to who he is and why he felt it was necessary to create No Limit. Master P, in my opinion, is a legend in the rap game and he never gets his props for what he and the No Limit movement did for the industry. Oh how I loved Master P, Mystikal, Mia X, and Silk the Shocker and still blast some of their joints from time to time. P, along with other rap pioneers like Jay-Z, Irv Gotti, and P Diddy, paved the way for a lot of today’s artists to have their own label imprints. Because of those men, it is way easier for the Lil Wayne’s, Rick Ross’, Drake’s, and Yeezy’s of the industry to have their own labels to create independently from the majors. P explains how he created No Limit because he was inspired by his grandparents hard work and wanted to show his people, that you too, could make it and there was ‘no limit’ to what you could do.

Solange also just released the videos for Don’t Touch My Hair and Cranes in the sky. Check them out below. They provide stunning visuals for the vivid lyrical storytelling done by Solange. At this moment in time, we needed this work of art, we needed these words, and we needed this love. So a big thank you and mad props goes out to Solange for this beautiful piece of art. On that note, be sure to pull up a chair and have a seat at Solange’s exquisite table of strength, pride, and love. If you don’t rush to get your seat, you’re definitely playing yourself.

Photo: Idolator

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