The world was introduced to Jidenna last year with his song Classic Man. Jidenna has not stopped since he came on the scene and was recently featured in an episode of the Netflix hit Luke Cage performing his song Long Live the Chief. Jidenna has kept his classic man appearance with his tailored suits, slick hair, and suave persona. Jidenna has been able to stay true to his roots by mixing some of his Nigerian roots in his latest single Little Bit More. The single has an afrobeat that makes you want to hit the dance floor to show off a mean two-step (or whatever your go to dance move is). It is filled with nothing but good vibes.

Jidenna has not released a full album yet, but I can’t wait to hear what he comes up with. In the meantime, check out Jidenna’s music on Spotify, Tidal, and iTunes. If you don’t, you’re playing yourself. Also, check out the video for Little Bit More below…


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