We recently watched Ava DuVernay’s new documentary about the mass incarceration of black people, specifically black males in America. It’s an extremely powerful piece that shows the history of how blacks have been put at a disadvantage, whether it’s from race and/or social economic class. The songs chosen for the documentary are very powerful and paint a clear picture of the corruption of the justice system. It also displays how behind closed doors, big corporations have had a say in how the judicial laws are introduced and passed. The music that is used to help further illustrate the issues in this country are well chosen and do justice to the film. This film has come at a very important time in this country when so many feel targeted and unsafe in their own neighborhoods. we highly recommend checking this out because even if you think you know, you have no idea how deep this issue runs. We learned a lot after watching the film and believe it’s beneficial to our society to finally address the issue of race in this country. Be sure to check out the documentary now available on Netflix; if you don’t check it out, you’re definitely playing yourself.


Photo: Complex

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