We have followed Jojo’s career since it began back in 2004 when her first album, the self titled Jojo, hit the music scene. Though her career has been hit with many setbacks due to her battle with her record label not allowing her to release music, Jojo never gave up and stopped making music. Until last week, Jojo hadn’t released a full album since 2006 after the release of her sophomore effort The High Road and Jojo indeed took the high road when her label prevented her from releasing music. Jojo has always been open and honest about her label preventing her from releasing music, but she has never bad mouthed them, which speaks highly of her character as a person. Through her official 10 year musical hiatus, Jojo has released mixtapes to hold her fan base over until she got the official green light to release a full album. Jojo is now signed to Atlantic and ready to get back to what she loves, the music.

The album opens with the song Music. and it has all the emotions one has if they are truly in love with music. You can feel JoJo’s raw emotions in that song, being that she has waited a decade to release this album, you can hear the emotions behind the words and appreciate her honesty, love, and the dedication music. The song is beautiful and nearly brought tears to my eyes. If you’ve ever been so passionate or felt deeply about anything, then you will connect with this song. The rest of the album flows beautifully with the perfect balance of mid tempo and fast tempo songs. Another standout track is the song that she has with Alessia Cara called I can only. Their voices blend seamlessly together. So my stand out tracks are Music., I Can Only., and Vibe.

Jojo should be extremely proud of this album because it’s a great work of art. It’s great to see that Jojo hasn’t lost his self throughout her 10 year hiatus, that she’s still true to her artistry and who she is as an artist. Jojo is truly unstoppable and we can’t wait to see her take this album on tour. This is an album you definitely want to check out so be sure to check out Mad Love. on iTunes, Tidal or Spotify. If you don’t check out this album, you’re definitely playing yourself.

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