First, I would like to give props to SZA and her team for putting together a great piece of work. It is tough to deliver material that other people feel you should release and force you to release it on their timeframe, instead of yours. So bravo to SZA for taking her time to put out her art at her own pace and big up to TDE for allowing her to do it that way. SZA recently released her long awaited album titled Ctrl. The album flows and builds wonderfully. It features her hit singles Drew Barrymore, Love Galore and Broken Clocks. Ctrl is an album you can definitely let ride, without feeling the need to hit fast forward and it only gets better with every listen. It almost has a slight alternative/pop rock feel to it at times, which I like. I believe its important for artists to be able to diversify their sound; it helps expose listeners to other sounds they may not have otherwise been open to hearing. I really dig the vulnerability SZA displays on this album with a wonderful balance of strength and ctrl. She shows the different sides of what it means to be human. We make mistakes, we learn, we grow, and all we can do is try to be better humans. She definitely earned her spot at the table, with artists like Solange, with this album. My pick for top tracks are Doves In The Wind, The Weekend, Go Gina, Anything, Wavy, Normal Girl, and Pretty Little Birds.

This album is definitely one you need to pick up and zone out to. If you don’t check out Ctrl, you are definitely playing yourself. SZA’s album is now available on Tidal, iTunes, and Spotify. Do yourself a favor and go get it; you can thank me later.

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