Last month the incredible sister duo that everyone knows as Chloe x Halle released debut album The Kids Are Alright. After giving the album some time to breath, we can definitely say these young ladies are truly alright. The album was released with a short film that beautifully previews the ride the album will take you on. You can definitely hear the influence that fellow artist Beyoncé (she also happens to be CEO of the label they’re signed to, Parkwood) has had on their sound. The harmonizing and vocal ability of Chloe x Halle is strong, melodic, and hypnotizing. This album was a good start to their musical careers and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Some favorite tracks are Hi Lo, Down, Fake, Happy Without Me, and Warrior (which is also featured on the A Wrinkle in Time soundtrack). Check out a preview of the album that is now available on all digital platforms…

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